A Nikki Shrine

Welcome to my shrine to Nikki, androgynous rockin' bard extraordinaire from Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross belongs to Squaresoft, this is just a fansite made by a random Nikki fan. This site is best viewed with a screen res of 800 x 600. 'Cause otherwise it looks bad^^;

Official site status: Uh...

Well, I guess "static-unless-you-send-me-something" works, but I'm (sorta) reviving the shrine... that is, I'm tweaking it a bit, and I got rid of those frames (no more ads in every frame!). This site is pretty plain-looking now, so maybe I'll do something to spice it up a bit. Then again, it works as is, it's just not pretty. I've also forgotten most of my HTML knowledge (which was very basic to begin with).^^; If I ever start an new game of Chrono Cross, I'll continue with the Nikki transcripts, but considering I've other games to finish (and college does not give me much time with which to do so), and that I left my copy of CC at home when I moved into my dorm, that will REALLY be a long time from now, if it ever happens. XD

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Oh yes. SPOILERS! You've been warned^^